Partly or wholly dehydrated preserved milk

Partly or wholly dehydrated preserved milk for human consumption is produced and marketed in accordance with specific Community provisions.

Council Directive 2001/114/EC of 20 December 2001 relating to certain partly or wholly dehydrated preserved milk for human consumption. [See amending acts].

Harmonisation of legislation governing the placing on the market of dehydrated milk is part of the drive to develop a common market.


This Directive defines and classifies the following products to which it applies:

  • partly dehydrated milk (sweetened or not);
  • wholly dehydrated milk (containing different percentages of fats).

For these products, the Directive also contains a list of particular designations used in certain countries.


Marketing of the products governed by this Directive must comply with the Directive on the labelling and presentation of foodstuffs. Furthermore, the labelling must state near the trade name the percentage of fat and the percentage of fat-free dried milk extract.

The labelling of wholly dehydrated milk must specify the method of dilution or product reconstitution and explain clearly that the product is not intended as a food for infants under twelve months.


This Directive takes into account the general rules on labelling in the Community, in particular:

  • the Directive on authorised additives;
  • the Directive on nutrition labelling for foodstuffs;
  • the Directive on infant formulae;
  • the Directive on the labelling and advertising of foodstuffs;
  • the Regulation on the addition of vitamins, minerals and certain other substances to foods.


Act Entry into force – Date of expiry Deadline for transposition in the Member States Official Journal
Directive 2001/114/EC. 17.1.2002 17.7.2003 OJ L 15 of 17.1.2002.


Amending act(s) Entry into force Deadline for transposition in the Member States Official Journal
Directive 2007/61/EC. 7.10.2007 31.8.2008 OJ L 258 of 4.10.2007.



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