The Department following consultation with patrons of  recognise schools, National Association of Parents, recognised school management organisations, trade unions and staff associations may prescribe procedures in accordance with which parents of a student or in the case of a  student over 18, the student may appeal to the board against a decision of a teacher or a member of the school.


Grievances of students and parents relating to the school shall be heard. Appropriate remedial action shall be necessary be taken as a consequence of an appeal  or  in response to a grievance. In prescribing procedures,  the Department must have regard to the desirability of appeals and resolving grievances in the school concerned


Where a Board or a person acting behalf of a board

permanently excludes the student

suspends a student from attendance for a period prescribed

refuses to enol

makes a decision of a class which may be appealable


the parents or the student if over 18 years, may within a reasonable time of being informed of the decision, and  following conclusion of any appeal procedures provided by the school and patron in accordance with the above provision, appeal that decision to the secretary general of the Department of Education.


The  appeal shall be heard by a committee appointed by the Department. A member of the inspectorate and such other persons as the Minister designates are members of the appeals committee. The appeals committee acts in accordance with procedures laid down by the Department following consultation with the above interested parties. The procedures must ensure that

the parties to the appeal are assisted to reach agreement on matters where agreement is practicable

that hearings are conducted with a minimum of formality consistent with a fair hearing

that appeals are dealt with in the within 30 days of receipt of the appeal except where the period is extended by a up to a further 14 days by the secretary general for good reason


On the determination of the appeal, the appeals committee must send notice in writing of its determination and the reasons to the secretary general. Where the appeals committee upholds a complaint in whole or in part or it appears that the matter the subject of the complaint should be remedied, it shall make recommendations to the secretary general.


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