The Minister for Health may restrict the sale or importation of instruments, appliances or apparatus where their use by the public involves a risk of serious injury or injury to health part or of a substance which when accessible to the general public involves a risk of injury to health.

The Department  may grant a registered medical practitioner a permit to import manufacture sell or dispose of restricted article, subject to conditions as may be specified. Subject to the terms or a permit, it is not lawful for a person to import manufacturer sell or  otherwise dispose of a restricted article. It is not lawful to advertise a restricted article. It is an offence to contravene the provision or to breach the terms of a permit.

The health authorities have the power to acquire land for the purpose of providing their services. Lands may be acquired compulsorily. There are procedures  in relation to the compulsory acquisition of land by health authorities for health purposes. See the  separate sections in relation to compulsory acquisition processes.

Authorized officers of the health authorities have powers to undertakes inspections and investigation. Where an authorized officer has reasonable grounds for believing that a person has contravened the legislation or regulations under it  he may require such a person to state his name and address. He may require evidence of the name and address concerned.

An authorized officer may  make requirements under this provision, only   if he is in uniform provided or he produces the requisite written authority. If a person fails or refuses to state his name and address in compliance of the requirement by an authorized officer or refuses to furnish corroborative

information or where the authorized officer has reasonable grounds for believing the information to be false and misleading,  then the authorized officer may be detain such  person and bring him to the  nearest Garda station. He may be detained for a  maximum period of 24 hours until satisfied as the correct name and address.

It is an offence to fail or refuse to give the addressee’s name or address or give a false or misleading address or to resist detention.


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