SMR 2 – Conservation of Wild Birds

This requirement is aimed at protecting all wild birds, their eggs and nests. This SMR is applicable to all farmers and all land. There may be additional rules to comply with if you have land designated as a Special Protection Area (SPA).

The removal of vegetation from a field, e.g. scrub that is beneficial to birds is not permitted during the bird nesting season (1st March to 31st August inclusive; these dates may change ). As hedgerows are landscape features they cannot be removed at any time of the year.

Trimming/cutting of trees and/or hedges during the bird nesting season is not permitted unless you are directed to do so by your Local Authority in the interests of health and safety.


Landowners have been notified by the National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) of the types of activities or works that require the consent of the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht before being carried out in the protected site or sites when initially proposed for designation.

These activities are also set out in the Statutory Instrument formally designating each Special Protection Area.

In total there are 38 Activities Requiring Consent (ARCs).

  • You must not carry out any of the specific activities that require consent for your SPA unless written consent is obtained from the NPWS prior to the activity taking You must retain correspondence of approval.

SMR 2 Inspections

Inspections will involve:

 Checks for evidence if any activities that require consent have been carried out or being carried out without having the appropriate consent in place

  • Checks for evidence of any activities inside and/ or outside the protected areas likely to cause a

deterioration of habitats or any disturbances affecting

birds e.g. hedge cutting during the nesting season

Details of the ARCs can also be requested from the National Parks & Wildlife Service (01-8883254 or Nature. or contact-us

SMR 3 – Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Flora and Fauna

These requirements are aimed at protecting important habitats and species of flora and fauna (plants and animals). This

SMR is applicable to all farmers with land designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC).

Special Areas of Conservation (SAC)

All landowners within these designated areas have been previously informed by the National Parks and the Wildlife Service (NPWS) of the designation. These landowners will already be aware of the obligations that exist on their land as they have received maps, a list of species relevant to the site and a list of Notifiable Actions/ARCs

You must:

 Be aware of the list of Notifiable Actions/ARCs for

your site

  • Apply to the NPWS and obtain written permission pri- or to carrying out any of the Notifiable Actions/ARCs specific to your You must retain correspondence of approval

You must not:

 Carry out any Notifiable Actions/ARCs specific to your

SAC without written permission

SMR 3 Inspections

Inspections will involve:

 Checks for any actions being carried out without the necessary permission within the designated lands

  • Where permission has been granted by NPWS, checks will be carried out to see that works did not go be- yond what was granted


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