The Department of Justice was formed under the Ministers and Secretaries Act 1924


The Censorship of Publications Office may prohibit the sale of publications that are indecent, obscene under the Censorship of Publications Acts 1946.


The Dublin Carriage Office based within Garda Síochána maintained responsibility for PSV driver licensing notwithstanding the establishment of the Commission for Taxi Regulation.


The Film Censors Office is established under The Censorship of Films Act 1923.  It is responsible for examining and certifying cinema films and videos/DVDs distributed in Ireland.


The Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner investigates applications from  person seeking a declaration of refugee status.  It issues recommendations to the Minster.  It investigates application by refugees to allow family members to enter under the  Refugee Act 1996.


The Private Security Authority regulates and licenses the Irish private security industry.  It seeks to use regulation and enforcement powers to introduce positive change in the industry through introduction, control and management of a comprehensive standards driven licensing system.


The Bar Council enforces professional standards for Barristers.  The Attorney General is the leader of the Irish Bar.  It is responsible for admissions to the Bar.


The Law Society of Ireland is responsible for the education, admission, discipline and regulation of members of the solicitor’s profession.




The Attorney’s Generals Office was incorporated under The Minister and Secretaries Act, 1924.  It has statutory functions and function under the Constitution.


The Director of Public Prosecutions was established under the Prosecution of Offenses Act 1974.


The Garda Síochána was established by the Garda Síochána Temporary Provisions Act 1923.  It merged with the Dublin Metropolitan Police Force under the Police Forces Amalgamation Act 1925.  It was reorganised under the Garda Síochána Act 2005.


The Censorship of Films Appeals Board was incorporated in 1923 under the Censorship of Films Act 1923.  Its functions were transferred to The Classification of Films Appeals Board by the Civil (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2008.


The Censorship of Publications Board was established in 1929. The  Censorship of Publications Appeal Board was incorporated in 1946


The Circuit Court Rules Committee was established under the Court of Justice Act 1936


The Criminal Law Codification Advisory Committee was established under the Criminal Justice Act 2006.


The General Prisons Board was established in 1877 by the Prisons (Ireland) Act and absorbed into the Department of Justice in 1928.  The Inspector of Prisons was constituted under the Prisons Act 2007.


The Irish Film Censors Office was established under the Censorship of Films Act 1923 and replaced by the Irish Film Classification Office under the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2008.


The Irish Legal Terms Advisory Committee was established under the Irish Legal Terms Act 1945.


The Judicial Appointments Advisory Board is established under the Court and Court Officers Act 1995.  The Judicial Studies Institution was established under the same Act.


The Refugee Applications Commissioner was established under the Refugee Act 1996 and became operative in 2000.


The Registration of Deeds and Title Rules Committee took over the functions of the Registration of Titles Rules Committee.  The latter was formed in 1964 and the former in 2006.


The Residential Institutions Redress Board was established in 2002 under Residential Institutions Redress Board Act.


The Superior Court Rules Committee was established under the Courts of Justice Act 1936.


The Commission for Charitable Donations and Bequests was established in 1845.  Its functions have been transferred to the Charities Regulator under Charities Act 2009


The Court Service was established in 1999 under the Courts Service Act1 998 .


The Criminal Assets Bureau was established in 1996 under the Criminal Assets Bureau Act 1996.


The Director of Corporate Enforcement was established under the Company Law Enforcement Act 2001.


The Irish Human Rights Commission was established under the Human Rights Commission Act 2000.


The Law Reform Commission was established under the Law Reform Commission Act 1975.


The Legal Aid Board was established in 1979.  It was established as a statutory body by the Civil Legal Aid Act 1995.


The Medical Bureau for Road Safety was established under the Road Traffic Act 1968.


The Personal Injuries Assessment Board was established in 2004 under the Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003.     ]   It was renamed the Injuries Board in 2008.


The Private Security Authority under the Private Securities Services Act 2004.


The Property Registration Authority was established under the Registration of Title and Deeds Act 2006.  It replaced the Registrar of Titles and The Registrar of Deeds.


The State Claims Agency is incorporated under the National Treasury Management Act to seek efficiencies in relation to civil claims against the State.


National Car Testing Service Ltd.  was established S.I.  481/1998 395/1999 in 2000.


The Compensation (Personal Injuries) Committee operated from 1923 to 1926 in accordance with the agreement between Great Britain and Ireland in respect of personal injury claims arising out of the Anglo-Irish conflict.


The Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal was established as a non-statutory body in 1974.


The Landlord and Tenant Commission existed from 1966 to 1982.


The Legal Aid Board was established in 1979 and set up on a statutory footing pursuant to the Civil Legal Aid Act 1995.


The National Crime Council was established in 1999 and ceased in 2008 pursuant to rationalisation of state agencies.


The Property Services Regulatory Authority was established under the Property Services Regulatory Authority Act 2011.  It in shadow form before this.


The Sentence Review Group was established in 1989 and replaced by the Parole Board in 2001.


The Refugee Agency was established in 1991 and merged with the Directorate for Asylum Support Services to form the Reception and Integration Agency in 2001.  The Agency is part of the Department of Justice.


The Parole Board was established in 2001.


The Quit Rent Office was established in 1641 and  absorbed into the Irish Land Commission in 1943.


The Department of Justice was incorporated pursuant to The Ministers and Secretaries Act 1924.  It continued until 1997 when it was retitled the Department of Justice Equality and Law Reform.  In 2010 it became the Department of Justice and Law Reform.  In 2011 it became the  Department of Justice and Defence.


The Inspector of Prisons and Places of Detention was established in 2002 and reconstituted under the Prisons Act 2007.


The Irish Youth Justice Service was established in 2005 and is still active.


The Land Registry was established in 1892 pursuant to the Local Registration of Title Act 1891 and merged with the Property Registration Authority in 2006.


The National Office for the Prevention of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence was established in 2007.


The Probation and After-Care Service was established in 1962.  It was reorganised in 1969 as the Welfare Service.  It was renamed the Probation and Welfare Service being restructured as the Probation Service in 2006.  The Probation and Welfare Service 1979 was restructured as the Probation Service in 2006. It continues as such under the Criminal Justice Act 2006.


The Registry of Deeds dates from 1707 and was merged into the Property Registration Authority in 2006.


The State Pathologist’s Office was established in 1929.


The Bar Council was established in 1897.


The Law Society of Ireland was established in 1830.


The Office of the Ombudsman was established under the Ombudsman Act 1980.


The Public Trustee was formed under the Irish Land Act, 1903 and dissolved in 1992 with the abolition of the Irish Land Commission.


The Bookmakers Appeal Committee was operated under the Irish Horseracing Industry Act, since 1994.


The Office of the Information Commissioner was established under the Freedom of Information Act 1997.


The Law Reform Commission was established in 1975.


The Private Tenancies Residential Board was established in 2004.


The Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland was established in 1981 on a non-statutory basis.


The Committee on Court Practice and Procedure was established in 1962.


The Dáil Éireann Courts (Winding Up) Commission operated between 1923 and 1925.


The District Court Rules Committee was established under the Court of Justice Act 1936


The Local Registration of Title Rules Committee was established in 1936 and became the Registration of Titles Committee in 1964.


The Referendum Commission was established in 1998 under the Referendum Act.


The Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service was formed in 2005.


The Irish Prison Service was formed in 1854.



The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission was established in 2007 under the Garda Síochána Act.


The National Road Safety Association was formed in 1974 and merged into the National Safety Council in 1987.


The National Roads Authority was established in 1993,


The National Safety Council was established in 1987 and continued until 2007.


The Refugee Appeals Tribunal commenced in 2000 under the Refugee Act 1996.


The Rent Tribunal commenced in 1983 under the Housing (Private Rented Dwellings) Act 1983 and has been merged into the Tenancy Tribunal.


The Adoption Board operated under the Adoption Act 1952 until 1 November 2010.  It was replaced by Adoption Authority of Ireland under the Adoption Act 2010.


The Army Pensions Board was incorporated in 1927 under the Army Pension Act 1927.  The Council of Defence was incorporated under the  Defence Act 1954.


The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner was established in 1989 under the Data Protection Act.


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